Signs it is time to Call for AC Repair

When the air conditioner does not perform the way that it should, call a professional for service before you swelter in the heat. There are many issues that affect the AC’s performance. Most will need a professional to resolve. When it is hot outside, you do not want to delay these repairs. Many signs indicate that it is time to pick up the phone to schedule air conditioning service in Fort Myers FL. Those signs include:

·    Some rooms in the house are cool but others are warm. Uneven cooling from one part of the home to another is a common issue that many people experience.

·    There are strange noises coming from the AC unit. You should enjoy a smooth, quiet operation and if you get anything less, do not accept this lightly as it indicates trouble.

·    Is the unit leaking? When the AC leaks, it needs to be repaired and it needs it now. Do not wait to pick up the phone and call the pros.

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·    Take a look at your energy bills. Do they continue to increase but no changes have been made in the house? If so you need to take the time to call a professional and get the costs back down again.

·    The age of the unit is also a factor that determine if you need a repair, or perhaps even a replacement. The average AC unit has a lifetime of 10-15 years. Do not expect much more than this.

There are many signs that indicate trouble with the AC unit. These are some of the most common signs. Pay attention to these signs and do not ignore them hoping they’ll go away. This only causes more damage and hassle at the end of the day.